Industrial Refractory

Iron & Steel Metallurgy

Iron and Steel Making,?Continuous?Casting?or?Ingot?Casting,?Rolling,?Heat treatment

Nonferrous Metallurgical


Cement Industry

For Cement Producing Use

Glass Industry

  • For?Melt Kiln
  • corrosion resistance

Lime Industry

for Lime industry


For Producing the Ceramics

For other Kiln

Coke oven, Carbon material producing, Refractory kiln production, Ore-smelting electric furnace, Electronics industry…

Oil and Chemical Industry

Synthetic ammonia, chemical cracking furnace, sulphur tail gas treatment, carbon black…

Pollution Treatment Industry

Waste incineration treatment…

For Boiler

Common boilers, power generation boilers, vulcanized boilers…

Yuxin Kiln Refractory Products